My Houses

You'll find below the various houses I made across Norrath. The consolidated forum thread was here.


Whilhelmina, 3 Compassion Road, North Freeport (manor), Storms Server
Blanchette, Inn room, Jade Tiger's Basic Inn room 3 (Temple Street - 2 rooms), Test Server (duplicated on Storms, same address, under Whilhelmina)
Glory to Innoruuk, Whilhelmina, 7 Integrity Road, North Freeport (4 rooms), Storms Server
Santory, 2 Integrity Road, North Freeport (4 rooms), Storms Server
Haunted House #3 - Torture Room, Jade Tiger's Den Comfort Suite 10, Whilhelmina (Storms) or Blanchette (Test), East Freeport (4 rooms), Storms/Test Server


Lugorey, Gorowyn Standards (4 rooms), Storms Server
Tinkering hiding a druid's lair, Odeane, Timorous Heigths (manor), Storms Server


Whilhelmina NoTD contest house, 1 Marche des Morts, Neriak (4 rooms), Storms Server
Fire and Ice, Shilah, 2 Marche des Morts, Neriak (manor), Storms Server


Sylunia, Willow wood inn, Qeynos (2 rooms), Storms Server
Leucosia, 2 Lucie Street, South Qeynos (4 rooms), Test Server
Whilhelmina NoTD contest house #2, 8 Lucie Street, South Qeynos (4 rooms), Storms Server
Kingdom of Candies, Hamfast, 2 Lucie Street, South Qeynos (4 rooms), Storms Server
Sinergy, 2 Bayle Court, South Qeynos (manor), Storms Server


Noctal, Aerie Kolmas, Kelethin (manor), Storms Server
House of Events, Ludahnya, Aerie Kolmas, Kelethin (manor), Test Server
Ixilian, Aerie Khollo, Kelethin (4 rooms), Storms Server


Orange and Gold, Whilhelmina, Valor Homestead, Halas (2 rooms), Storms Server


Cloudrat, Mistmoore Crag Estate, South Freeport, Everfrost Server
Ubiohe, Mistmoore Crag Estate, South Freeport, Storms Server
Tile Elemental, Sylunia, Everfrost Summer House, South Qeynos, Storms Server
House of Crafters, Aradunakhor, Everfrost Summer House, South Freeport, Storms Server
Thurgadin Market, Whilhelmina, Thurgadin Grand Hall, Storms Server
How to cook a Gnomish Dev, Leucosia, Maj'Dul Vacation Suite, Test Server
Sopranou, Freeblood Portal, South Qeynos, Storms Server
Cheese and Cupcakes Storage Room, Leucosia's Dojo, South Qeynos, Test Server

Guild Hall

Les Furies d'Innoruuk, North Freeport (T2), Storms Server

Dungeon Maker

Domino's Sanctuary is under attack, Lair of Scale 2, Test Server

I hope you liked it all!