Blanchette's Burrow, Inn room, Temple Street (2 rooms), Test Server


Blanchette is a cute little ratonga. She's also a brigand, so when she found herself a home, it had to be concealed, and when she says "conceal", she means underground of course.

Her house is located in Temple Street on the Test Server. Large races may get stuck at time, I didn't test the house for them. (finished 21 september 2011)


When entering, it's hard to see that this place is really a house and not just a blocked rocky formation. But it seems a little rat is showing us the way in.

Cats beware! It seems a trap was set out for you unsuspecting lot *evil grin* !


The underground garden is a good place to relax, read, or talk to fellow rodents.

There is a little fountain which brings needed water in the burrow.


And the light of day may reach a little area, enclosed by hedges and trees. A vigilant dryad is ever watching this side entrance.


A side tunnel in the wall opens to the real living area.

There is a bathtub to clean bloodstains and cheese crumbs, lightened up by a very nice mushroom (a candle is hidden within it)

Near the bed, a table is set with books to read. Important books of course: A Freeport guide (always handy to have) and Fables on rats, written by Jean de La Fontaine.

Most important part is, of course, beside the altar to Brell, the cellar. And of course, a ratonga cellar is full of ... cheese !


And finally, as we're speaking about a ratonga AND a brigand, the burrow had to have an escape route. Above the bed is a door, and behind the door some teleport devices to escape in a hurry if a horde of unfriendly kerras or guards stumble on the entrance!



Here was my nice little burrow. I hope you enjoyed it! Of course, ratongas are always welcome.



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