Les Furies d'Innoruuk, North Freeport (T2), Storms Server


Hello everybody,

I thought it would be nice to also post the overview of our guild hall on this board and not only on the French board (11/02/2008).

Our guild is a small Roleplay guild, dedicated to Innoruuk and directed by Dark Elves females. I went for a T2 hall, in Freeport of course.


Here is the right wing of the hall, starting with a gaming area. This area is made more relaxing by a stage for musicians...


A chimney is located within this wing to give a bit of heat to this huge room. 


At the center of the wing, a bar is selling some thexian wines. They can be drank in a zone with coffee tables, just next to it.

At the far end of the room, a big fish tank as been built to relax the eyes of our sisters after a long day consecrated to the torture and death of heretics.


In the left wing, we first find another room dedicated to relaxation, with couches and cushions... it's more intimate than the other wing.

Another bar serves this area, selling dark liquors and aphrodisiacs...


A great chimney, with a softer lights, warms the room


The dining room is on the other side of this wing.


At the end of the wing, on the other side of a huge wall, our slaves can work on delicacies to please our palates


The slaves that don't please their mistresses are sent to this beautiful jail, in the basement. Torture devices can be found, so we can take pleasure in their suffering. The remains of the first carpenters to work on the hall are still in this room, so the next ones know what will be their fate.


Near this room of pleasure, are the 2 crafting rooms. One is dedicated to the more physical works and the other to the scholar pursuit. Our carpenter slave was able to make quite a number of little models in wood that are of great help when we need to make a special item.


After torturing, fighting, working and so on, our sisters can take a bath within this room, to wash away blood and sweat.

Those that feel sleepy - or less sleepy - can use this bedroom for relaxation or pleasure...


At last, at the top of the hall, the room is dedicated to our Lord, Master, and most hated Father, Innoruuk. The high priestress can speak and talk to us about our faith. Over the throne, the symbol of Innoruuk is ablaze, showing us the way of destroying all heretics. (this symbol could be better. We are dedicate to Innoruuk and we had to have the symbol of Innoruuk somewhere. Without altars, I decided to try for candles (54 candles and 28 deathhead candles)... I will have to work on it some more, but the hall is at 960/1000 items and, honestly, I just can't move candles anymore right now, it's sooo looong.)



Our visit is finished. May Innoruuk bless you and may your road upon Norrath be bathed in the blood of your enemies !



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