Santory's freeport house, 2 Integrity Road (4 rooms), North Freeport, Storms server


This house was a commission finished for Sopranou's char Santory back in April 2013. He's a very very cute Dark Elf necromancer, so I made a kinda horny house with a nice torture room for him.

The house is closed to visitors but is located at 2 Integrity Road in North Freeport under Santory.

When you first enter, you find yourself in a cosy dining room.

The next room on the side is the torture room with everything handy to torture visitors and store the bodies for future zombification.

Last room on the main floor is the scholarly room, with a desk, maps, paintings and bookshelves. Everything needed to study necromancy in peace!

Upstairs is the massive sleeping room with a very big bed, a mirror and tons of cushions to invite cute Dark Elves!

I really like doing T4 freeport houses, they're small, human sized and I love the granite walls.


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