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Hello all,

I finally finished today (08/13/2011!) a house started years ago, Frostfell 2008 if I remember well. I was thrilled by the addition of brand new ice furnitures then and thought it would go well with the Neriak theme. It went well indeed, but after doing most of the house, I ran out of ideas and let the project drop before creating the entrance and the basement.

I finally decided to make it a "fire" themed room and started working on it... when the addition of another room behind it crept on Test... What to do with it? I thought about a vampiric room but wasn't happy with the idea... Then balconny and layout came in. I gathered statues last Frostfell, decided for a checkboard icy entrance and finally had THE idea. I would make a giant fireplace in my new room (this room is layout intensive).

So here it is at last! Note that Shilah is a defiler so there are a couple of creepy things around, like an altar to Bertoxxulous and skull sconces in the stairways.

Most of the house is done "old-style", by hand. I only added a couple things with the layout in it (icy tiles on fishtank and snow tile in bathroom). I asked myself if I would remove the ice dividers and put ice tiles in place but it was already fine as it was so I didn't change the house. The ice became more "see-through" at a time but it was perfect for the theme. I love the old-style fridge. Hehe, it was "THE" fridge that everyone wanted at the time.

When you enter, you'll find yourself in an icy entrance. The owner of the room waits at times for her visitors on a cold and massive throne.


To the right you'll find a cold dining room, but hopefully the hot spiced wine will keep you warm.


To the left is a little workroom... It seems a little dragon is kinda hoping to break the ice and catch some fish!


Upstairs is a nice bathroom with a nice bath of steaming water.


Next room is a confortable (but cold) bedroom. It seems another little dragon took residence in a nice little icy bed... But be careful, Bertoxxulous is watching you !


If you go through the tapestry, you'll find yourself on a nice balcony overlooking the city. It's cold but not snowing today!


It's cold isn't it?
But if you go downstairs it's not the same at all... You'll find yourself in a blazing room full of blazing critters... And if you're lucky (or not?) you may see also that the two dead trees in the corners sometime blaze to life and are covered in fire eyes!


Behind the next tapestry is a very very big roaring fireplace.



I really hope that you're less cold now!


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