Sylunia's Restaurant, Willow wood inn, Storms Server


Here is a very old house I did a long time ago (04/03/2011). I can't find sceenshots of the first house sadly.

Sylunia is a carebear High Elf provisionner. Back in the days before RoK, she was the one that gained all my money through the broker, so she crafted at home, on her cooking stove, with nice music around (old music boxes on a shelve). So I designed her a kitchen, added in the stoves when the recipes were added. At first there was a nice bed in a corner (the old ironwood pink one hehe).
A while later, I scrapped the bed. Having a bed in a kitchen is kinda weird, isn't it?
When the second room was added, I removed the table in my kitchen room and moved everything in the second one. So now we have an old style pre-RoK kitchen in a room and a restaurant in the other. I used the layout editor to move a bit the candy canes when it launched but everything else was more or less in place.


So, here we are.


When you enter the house, you'll see a kitchen to your left and a display of pastries to your right.

Another look on the kitchen


A little storeroom on the back side...


Closer look on the pastries display


Entering the dining room

left table

back of the room

Right table and another pastries display and wine table.



I hoped you enjoyed this little tour.


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