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I finally finished (10/10/2011) my Thurgadin Grand Hall on Storms Server (under Whilhelmina). Being located in a big city, near a tradeskill area, it's just the perfect location for a market... So, welcome to the Thurgadin Market !


When you enter, you'll see a nice fountain, with four well lit benches under a big dome. Above is a floating maze.


To the right, you'll first come across the Art display stand where one can buy all types of painting and especially the famous PORTraits.


On one side is the kitchen, where condiment, vegetables, fruits, drinks and the day's meal can be bought. Today is fried fish and crab. You may take the meal with you and eat on the benches or in the garden.


On the other side is the tailor area. Here you'll be able to buy fabrics, tapestries or dresses (the rendering of the mannequin needs to be more close up, so the mannequins on the back are looking bare even if they're not).


On the other side of the fountain is another display stand, that one for house items.


To your left is the alchemist and jeweler area. There you'll be able to buy love potions, poisons, glowing lotions, jewels, diamonds, vases and so on.On the top shelves are the port to Sinking Sands and the one to Moonfield. I kinda like the mini-Lucan near Tserrina tower too ;p


To the right is the forge. That's the perfect place for weapons and metal armor. Through the miror, you'll reach the stairs towards the maze.


To reach the maze, you'll have to walk (not run !) your way up a tricky spiral staircase.


The maze in itself has a pretty easy layout. At first I wanted to add some tricks: walkthrough and solid paintings and so on. After trying it a bit, I found out that it just defeats the whole thing. The hard part of the maze is that it's misty, so you just won't be able to find if you have a wall in front of you or not. I know the layout but get lost all the time... Adding items in the middle of it just added some guides to the maze instead of helping fellow players to get lost, so I removed the items. There is no goal to the maze, just finding the other side.


The other room is, as intended, a garden. There's a couple ports (Kelethin, Eastern wastes and Mara), a flower garden, a vegetables garden and a shrine to evil gods, Mayong and Tserrina.


Here we are. I hope you all liked it. I must confess that the item count is really a pain in that house and some places do seem a little bare.

I'm waiting for you in my house, feel free to drop by and buy some stuff, it's not toooooo overpriced. Just a bit. A big bit. And enormous bit. Well, business is business heh?


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