Whilhelmina's manor house, 3 Compassion Road, North Freeport, Storms server

I finally finished my house and decided to share it (11/10/2010). You can see it at 3 compassion road in North Freeport, Storms Server..


As you all know, I'm a great Teir'Dal Necromancer. I live to serve Innoruuk, Death, Alchemy and my Overlord. I'm couldn't be satisfied with a mere little house, so I made a slave build me a huge manor dedicated to my great self. Did I mention that I was very modest too?

So, I have a great house to relax, invite friends, torture paladins and high elf to see if they can stand enough suffering to be enjoyable, a bed big enough for myself and my ego, a place to worship death and places to study in my alchemy lab and on the patio.


Here we go !


As you enter, you'll find yourself in a little guest room with treats to eat while waiting for the owner of the manor to show up.


You then cross a room with a piano, for slaves to play music during meals.


You'll then come to the dining room with a bar.


You can then go upstairs and enjoy a little room with a sculpture and the hanging garden




The alchemy lab is located there, with lots of potions on the shelves and a desk to prepare new recipes.


On the far wall is the entrance to the secret room with a treasure...

and a guardian...


Upstairs is a bathroom (if you visit in person, the stairs are very hard to take so there's a teleport pad next to the bed in the bedroom that'll port you there)


Back to the stairs, you'll find the entrance of my majestic bedroom (so teleport pad for bathroom is there, to the left). A little bed as I said heh?


Upstairs and outside, you'll find the altar to Anashti Sul who gave us the ability to call back the dead to us.


On the patio, you'll see a nice place to study arcane matters.



But wait, we missed a room... Do you really want to go downstairs?


Here is the place where I torture and dispatch some of my guests.


My "guests" can witness the proceeds in the mirrors... And if they're unlucky enough, be left to rotting behind them...




Care for a little bath of blood? It's very healthy and it makes the skin fair...



Here we are... done... But on second thought, I'm not sure I'll let you come out... Don't you want to remain amongst the remains?

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